Kaju and Joki volume 1 and 2

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The precious story about the spotless leopard Kaju 

and the gazelle fawn Joki, who set out together search for their families and learn on their and learn on their journey that prejudice prejudices, to believe in themselves and their dreams and believe in yourself and your dreams and 

you can do anything if you want to. 



For children and for all those who need to

who need to remember that they are good just the way they are.


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Das Förderprogramm "Neustart Kultur" unterstützt mit ihren Stipendien ausgewählte Literaturprojekte mit einer Förderung. Wir sind überwältigt und dankbar!

Kaju und Joki erhalten Literaturförderung!


We think it's time to rethink children's books.

It is important - more than ever - to get the message across: Being different is perfectly fine! Everything is possible if you believe in it, feel comfortable in your own body and give no room to prejudice. Individuality is something beautiful and can be lived. And, it is important to give them courage.


This is what volumes 1 and 2 convey about the journeys of the immaculate leopard Kaju and the gazelle fawn Joki.

The first volume is lovingly illustrated by the well-known illustrator Bernhard v. Godin, who has already worked as a cartoonist for Loriot. In the second volume, a young Swiss illustrator has taken the reins.


Kaju and Joki's recipe for success is that these stories give children roots and also wings. The children's book world has been shaken up because they belong in these turbulent times, because their stories are against exclusion and stand up for a "WE" and a "TOGETHER". 



#Together instead of against each other, because together we can do anything.

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Author and editor Claudia Schneider