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We think it's time to rethink children's books.

We live in a world where it is increasingly important to empower children. Now is the time to show them and us what life is all about. It is important - more than ever before - to get the message across: To be different is completely okay! Nobody is allowed to determine what is right and what is abnormal. Everything is possible if you believe in it, feel comfortable with yourself and leave no room for prejudice. Individuality is something beautiful and can be lived.

This is what volumes 1 and 2 of the journeys of the spotless leopard and the gazelle fawn Joki convey.

The adventure trip was lovingly illustrated in the first book by Bernhard v. Godin, who already worked as a draftsman for Loriot.

In the second volume, a young Swiss illustrator took over the scepter.

Kaju and Joki belong in this eventful time, which is developing and strengthening away from an I-society towards a "WE" and a "TOGETHER". # against each other, because together we can do everything.



Author and editor Claudia Schneider