The history

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"Kaju and Joki take little people with them on a journey of discovery that leads to inner strength and self-confidence. Everything is possible if you believe in it and leave no room for prejudice!"


Part 1 "An Unusual Friendship"

When Kaju sees the light of day, there is a lot of commotion in the leopard den, because Kaju is spotless. Called the "unlucky one" by the pack and not wanted, he is under the loving protection of his mother and father. But when he loses his family while fleeing from humans, Kaju is left to fend for himself on the steppe. Everything changes when he meets Joki. A young gazelle girl who was hiding when a pride of lions attacked and has now also lost her herd. She joins him and soon becomes a loyal, albeit unusual, companion for the young leopard.


Together they set off in search of their families and encounter all kinds of dangers on the way, which weld these two so different and yet so similar companions ever closer together. Kaju soon realises that his difference makes him special and that there is more strength in him than meets the eye. And they learn that you can never be too small to follow the signs and embrace the world if you have a dream.

An unusual friendship finds its way and, last but not least, so do their families.


Part 2 "Beyond Borders"

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Part 2 of Kaju and Joki's adventures together takes the young spotless leopard Kaju back to his faithful friend Joki. But before that, Kaju not only has to take care of his mother, who is in danger, but also face his brother Soami. Once again, Kaju learns to rise above himself. But when he follows his inner voice and finds Joki again, he faces an even bigger task: to free Joki's herd from the clutches of the bipeds. The journey of the two so dissimilar friends begins anew. But this time they reach their limits and have to face challenges they would never have dared to dream of. For they will not be able to solve this mammoth task alone, they need help and therefore decide to call together the animals of the steppe. Kaju has no idea that one of the most powerful animals on earth will stand in their way. But he has other challenges to overcome when he meets an old acquaintance in the village of the two-legged creatures, who gives the story and Kaju's journey a surprising turn.

Who are Kaju and Joki?

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Kaju is a spotless leopard. He does not have an easy time being accepted because of his appearance. When he loses his family and meets the gazelle fawn Joki, not only an extraordinary friendship begins, but also a journey together. 

Kaju is intimidated at the beginning and believes he will bring bad luck because of his spotlessness. On their journey together, Joki shows him that appearance has nothing to do with inner strength and that individuality is important and good. Kaju soon realises that he must believe in his dreams and not give any room to advantages. He learns to adapt to situations and make the best of them. And above all, that it is important to help each other and also strangers. Kaju gains strength and self-confidence through his journey and learns that friends can also mean family.


Traits: authentic, helpful, strong-willed, open, brave, dreamy, generous


Joki has lost her family in a lion attack when she meets Kaju and convinces him to continue their journey together. She helps Kaju to take his inner strength more important than his looks and teaches him that it is only the condition of the heart that matters. But she herself also learns to trust Kaju and to stand by him in every situation. Although the two could not be more different.


Traits: authentic, helpful, strong-willed, open, courageous, intelligent, cheerful, confident, hopeful.

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