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OVB Chiemgau newspaper  Weekend edition July 31st, August 1st, 2021


" Rosenheimern" magazine, Winter / 2020 edition

"Chiemgauerin " magazine, winter / 2020 edition

Antolin Westermann has also had a quiz on Kaju and Joki since December 2020. Go visit Antolin: here ...


The article in the Zwergerl-Magazin in the Winter / 2020 issue can be found here ...

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"Magical illustrated children's book that creates tension for young and old. Being“ different ”is a challenge for many, but the book shows in a loving and childlike way the strengths that are in everyone and how special it is, simply“ different ” to be! A thousand stars for this wonderful story. " (Sabine1978)

"A very beautiful written story, ideal for children. I like it very much to give my daughter good values and views on her life path through such great books. Thanks to the author. We'd love to hear more about it." (Mlkemeier)

"The story of Kaju and Joki shows you that being different is completely okay and that you can get through life with it.
It is written in a very exciting way and makes you want more.
As a trained educator, I can only warmly recommend this book and bought three copies straight away, two to give away and one for myself. "(Sunflower75)